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    Is your sofa or perhaps a favourite chair,
    in need of a little loving care?
    Don’t push it aside or take it to the ‘tip’,
    Just give us a ring and we’ll mend it.

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    If it’s a back, seat or an arm,
    Let’s give you a quote - it can’t do any harm.
    Perhaps it’s a spring that’s giving you trouble?
    Call us and we’ll come round at the double.

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    With glue and a clamp and a needle to sew,
    We’ll make your old chair worthy to show.
    With scissors to cut and a hammer to tack,
    All of its beauty we will put back.

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    Loose covers or fitted, or down to the frame,
    We will restore it, elaborate or plain.
    Fabrics and braids for us to enhance,
    Our craftmanship’s shown if given the chance.

Based in Farnham in Surrey, we’re a small workshop of upholsterers with nearly 50 years’ experience.

We offer a full reupholstery and restoration service, including renovating hand-sprung seating and cushion refilling.

Call us on 01428 712 886 and let us know what we can help you with or send us an email to robertmoodie@clarelaughland.co.uk. Please feel free to attach pictures if you think it's useful.

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